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How The Continuous Carbonization Furnace Works

The continuous carbonization furnace is very useful to have when you want to process biomass and turn it into charcoal. The furnace will process biomass and turn it into charcoal that can be used in a wide variety of ways. The furnace is very easy to use and it removes waste materials from landfills and turns them into charcoal that can be used to run machines and other things.

The charcoal is high quality and it can be used in a variety of applications. The furnaces use a variety of materials like rice shells, bamboo scraps, sawdust and more. The biomass is heated to a very high temperature where it is transformed into charcoal.

Carbonization Furnace
Continuous Carbonization Furnace

This kind of charcoal equipment is automated and you just have to use dry biomass to ensure you get the highest yields. The device will heat the wood waste to produce gas fuels. The gas runs the carbonization stove and it will heat the biomass to the right temperature.

The furnace has a device that removes dust which keeps it running cleaner and preserves the life of the machine. The gas that is produced is clean and it won’t pollute the environment which makes it a great choice when you want to use waste materials and turn them into something you can sell or use.

There is a minimal amount of labor involved with using this machine. It has a drive train that moves the biomass to the stove and you can adjust the feeding speed. The stove can carbonize many types of biomass and the process if fast and efficient.

Charcoal Making Equipment
Charcoal Equipment of Beston Group

The furnace stays cool to the touch and the charcoal will cool off inside the machine before it is discharged. The furnace can be customized or you can choose from a variety of stock models. The controls are easy to use and can be separated from the machine if desired.

There are many safety features on the machine and it is safe and easy to operate. The furnace uses a standard power supply as well. If you want to transform biomass into charcoal, the continuous carbonization furnace is a good choice since it can run indefinitely and produce huge amounts of charcoal. It is easy to produce all of the charcoal you need with this furnace and it will do a good job of making high-quality charcoal that is easy to use.

The machine is good for the environment and it doesn’t produce much pollution which makes it ideal. Using waste biomass and turning it into charcoal allows you to get a lot done and the charcoal can be used in a large variety of situations. The charcoal is easy to use in a variety of situations and it can be sold to other vendors.

In Henan Beston Company, the size of the furnace can be customized so you end up getting just what you need. This furnace is a great investment and it is just what you need when you want to get more work done. The furnace allows you to make a lot of charcoal.

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How The Biochar Equipment for Sale Can Save Dumping Fees And Earn Money Too

For years lots of industrial, commercial, and agricultural waste has piled up in landfills by the millions of tons. It takes years for some of this waste to decompose back into usable products and by that time millions more tons have been deposited on top of it. There has been a recent push to make this waste more productive, easier to handle, and less expensive for producers to dispose of. This is where biochar comes in. It is very similar chemically to charcoal and activated charcoal, but has some differences that make it an important product in both agriculture and waste disposal, let’s take a look. Get high quality biochar equipment for sale before purchasing.

Biochar Production Equipment
Biochar Production Equipment

How Is Biochar Made And From What?

There are literally thousands of different organic wastes that can be turned into biochar. Everything from waste coconut shells to leftover restaurant food, and from straw to sewer sludge. Nearly everything that was once a growing plant, or part thereof, can be turned into biochar.

The actual biochar product is made by heating up the waste material in a non-oxygen environment. The temperature varies, but usually from 400 C to 700 C is needed to reduce the organic material down to simple ingredients like oils, gases, and carbon. There are now plenty of biochar equipment for sale that can handle the procedure.

Biochar Can Be Used In Several Ways

The term biochar is sometimes used specifically to refer to a specific type of carbon. Other times it’s more generically used to refer to any of the charcoal products that are produced by the pyrolysis thermochemical process. In that case, the biochar can be of several different grades of carbon, some used as fuel, or to make charcoal briquettes.

Other grades are used in agriculture to condition soil and sometimes as actual fertilizer. There are also industrial processes that can use pure carbon black in the manufacturing of black rubber products like tires and plastics.

If Your Biomass Is Wet

You can look for specific biochar equipment for sale that has a pre-drying process as part of the charcoal manufacturing machine. It uses the waste gases as a combustible to heat up the biomass and pre-dry it before it enters the reaction chamber. This helps save on energy use since the gas comes directly from the process.

Many different kinds of biomass, specifically sewage sludge, restaurant waste, commercial agriculture waste, and others are wet on arrival. With the right processing plant, no time needs to be expended in the drying phase which quickens the entire process.

Biochar Machine To Ghana
Biochar Machine To Ghana

After The Process The Commodities Are Valuable

The waste products that come out of the pyrolysis plant are usually quite easy to sell. They are typically several different viscosities of oil, heavy, medium and light, each of which can either be used “as is” or refined into other products. The various products can be anything from lubricants to fuel oils. Get waste to energy plant design here.

Since there is no oxygen in the reaction chamber, the biomass isn’t allowed to burn. This keeps the exhaust gases clean and free of toxic chemicals and allows for the thermochemical decomposition of the biomass to be complete without any flames.

If you have a large amount of biomass on a continuing basis, you’re in the market for a pyrolysis machine. They pay for themselves by reducing dump fees and also by the sellable byproducts they create.

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All The Details You Need to Learn about Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine

Palm trees are mostly found in coastal areas. A lot of palms are consumed and abandoned on a regular basis. Abandoned palms create a lot of waste. Palm shells have large demand as well. An effective way to reduce this waste and to convert the waste into something useful and profitable is Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine. This machine converts the shells into charcoal. Palm shells which were considered to be a waste can now be used to generate high calorific value products. Palm shell has 90 percent carbon content and calorific value of about 6000-8000 kilocalorie. Palm kernel shell charcoal machine has helped in realizing the goal of sustainable development and waste utilization. This has contributed immensely in converting the waste into activated charcoal which has wide applications and the demand is growing.

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine
Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Features of Palm kernel shell charcoal machine

The objective is to convert the raw material to bio-coal. The machine is designed in such a way that the raw materials come in contact with hot air as much as possible to remove the moisture content. (You can also get the detailed introcution to this machine here: The moisture content must not be greater than 20 percent. The double layer design results in effective heat utilization and over 85 percent of heat is utilized. The raw materials are fed into the pulverizer, next comes the carbonization process and final product obtained is activated charcoal. Palm Kernel shell charcoal machine uses advanced carbonization technology to convert the palm shells into bio-coal. This activated bio coal can be used as a replacement for the coal used in power plants.

The carbonization furnace is made from a material having high-temperature resistance. The material is stable and wears resistant, deformation resistant and oxidation resistant. It has the superior purifying ability, insulating property, easy operation. It is safe and reliable. It has no carbonization blind spot and double chimney, finished products ratio of more than 95 percent. It is time-saving and can be operated by a single person which saves labor as well.

Parts of Palm kernel shell charcoal machine

Generally, a complete palm kernel shell charcoal processing plant includes the following devices and machines, belt conveyor, drying machine, spiral conveyor, carbonization furnace, water cooling discharging machine, dust collector and flue gas cooling machine.

Palm Fiber Charcoal Machine
Pal Fiber Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Working of Palm kernel shell charcoal machine

1. The Palm shells are crushed to obtain the standard size of smaller than 50 mm. If the moisture content of these is greater than 20 percent than they are further dried. The machine is equipped with pretreatment devices to enhance the quality of the products.

2. The raw material is transferred to the carbonizing furnace through the conveyor belt. The raw material will generate combustible gases once it reaches optimum temperature and can further be used to provide heating to the furnace. Generally, the temperature range is 400-600 degree centigrade and the duration is 15 minutes.

3. The residual product, i.e activated charcoal is collected directly.

4. The combustible gases are further purified by spray dedusting machine to remove the harmful gases and meet the emission standards.

5. In the condenser, we get tar and wood vinegar.

The temperature of the furnace must not be less than 700 degree centigrade. The carbonization rate is around 3:1 or 4:1, that means it 1 ton of raw material will generate around 300 kg of charcoal. The higher the temperature, shorter is the carbonizing time.

The technology uses one fire two steps and can save sufficient energy. The carbonization process uses traditional fuel for the initial few minutes and then uses combustible gases to generate heat.

Uses of Palm Shell Charcoal

1. High Heating and Calorific Value

2. Smoke-free

3. Tasteless

4. Non-Toxic and clean

5. Used to make bricks

6. Used as fertilizer to improve the quality of the soil.

7. Used as fuel in various industries like the steel industry.

8. Tar and wood vinegar which are obtained as by-products have high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

9. Can be used to generate mosquito repellent incense, oil paint and many more chemical compounds.

10. Activated charcoal can be used for water purification, air purification and industrial discoloration.

Advantages of Palm kernel shell charcoal machine

1. Easy to operate and saves labor cost

2. It is environment-friendly and contributes to sustainable development.

3. It is highly efficient and had high carbonization rate.

4. Rate of finished production I greater than 95 percent.

5. The machine is durable. It has an operating life of more than 7 years.

If you are interested in this machine, grasp this opportunity and reach Beston Machinery China as soon as possible to get the most reasonable prices now.

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Exploring The Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine Cost

The rice hull charcoal making machine takes scrap rice hull waste and converts it into an easy to use charcoal that can be used in a variety of ways. The charcoal is high-quality and it is easy to sell or to use in your own projects. The machine is economical to run since you are using waste material. Read on to learn about the rice hull carbonizer price.

Beston Rice Husk Carbonizer for Sale
Beston Rice Husk Carbonizer for Sale

If you want to produce your own charcoal from waste materials you need to get a rice hull charcoal making machine. The machine is going to help you get a lot of work done and the machine is also very easy to use. One of the best things about the machine is that you can use any type of rice hull waste to produce the charcoal.

The machine heats the rice hull to a very high temperature and then converts it to charcoal that you can use in a variety of different ways. Many people choose to sell the charcoal and they also might want to use the charcoal themselves. The charcoal is perfect for heating and some machinery can run on the charcoal. If you wanna know how to recycle the waste combustible gas, visit

Rice Hull Carbonizer Design
Energy-saving Rice Hull Carbonizer Design

This rice hull charcoal making machine can help you make more money and it is the perfect choice when you want to get a lot of work done. You can create a lot of charcoal with the machine and there are plenty of different sizes to choose from. You need to make sure that you buy the right size for your needs and it is very important that you choose a size that is going to work best for your company.

The machine won’t take a long time to work and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use the machine. The machine is going to be easy to work with and once you start to learn how to work the machine you will have an easier time making the charcoal you need. There are various models to choose from but you need to know how much charcoal you want to make when you start looking for the machines.

The price is going to depend on the amount of charcoal that you plan to produce with the rice hull charcoal making machine. The machines that have more capacity are going to be more expensive and the smaller machines will be cheaper. You need to make sure that you buy the machine that has the right capacity for your needs. Taking the time to look for the right machine is going to pay off and it will make it easier to make the charcoal you need. Charcoal is an important part of heating and when you can make charcoal for almost free you are going to enjoy some serious savings.

Don’t let the rice hull charcoal making machine cost put you off from buying a machine. The machine gives you a great return on your investment and the machine is going to pay for itself quickly. You will be able to make all of the charcoal you need and it will be easier to make money. Click CarbonationMachine.NET for get more consultation.